Benefits In Having A IP Portfolio Evaluation

The IP portfolio can be a great asset to your company. How? It is a good tool in regards to of protection of the products that you have in your possession against the people who are trying to steal the content, and infringe it without your awareness and consent. It has already been provided with the necessary tools in order to combat these threats. The portfolio evaluations will defend the documents by providing the defensive tools that might give you the right leverage that will ensure the safety of the content.

In order to ensure such protection, you have to have a proper portfolio ready and on hand. The reasons as to why it is beneficial for you to have this, it is because it is easier on your part to keep them on track. Here are these benefits why you should have an IP portfolio already arranged and collected.

  • It is easy to keep then on track. By having a proper portfolio evaluation it can be easy for you to keep track all of the information that you have without losing anything. Without the proper order and arrangement that you have set up then there will be a clear messed up confusion on your hands.
  • You will have information of all the employees. With the portfolio, you have all the information of each employee on your hands and by treating them on equal grounds without having to confuse yourself anymore thanks to the quick thinking of having to file in different portfolio, it will be an easier task on your part to do.
  • Helps prevent misplaced information and lost documents. Arranging them, and having them placed in their respective cases; will help you find each file that you need without losing them in the process. This way the information that you need and the document papers that you’ve kept will be safe in an area where you can easily find them. The IP portfolio evaluation ensures that.
  • They provide value to the company. Thanks to the IP portfolio evaluation, you won’t have to be worried or concern if some important things have been absent on your table. Because the good use in having the IP portfolio evaluation is so that it won’t be a hassle on your part and complicated things in the process.

With these benefits, you finally understand the purpose in having the use of a portfolio at your possession.  Be sure that you have covered everything up for documentation and storing. For one day these important documents will help defending the company from any potential threats that might try to ruin your process. In any other way, you can be rest assured that nothing will be amiss. You have back up plans already stored and piled up and ready to be in use. This way, it won’t be difficult. You have the information that you need to improve the process of your work and there won’t be any issue at hand when you have them as a guideline that will assist you.

Not All Inventions Are Patentable

Having your invention patented is the best way to ensure that you receive credit for your idea before someone else tries to claim it as their own. Not all inventions can be patented. Your inventions must be tangible and can not be something that naturally occurs in the world. Having a great idea doesn’t always mean you can patent it either. Some examples of things that you cannot patent include:

Mathematical formulas
Natural substances found to exist
Scientific principals
Inventions created for illegal uses only
Drugs considered unsafe
Method and ideas
Choreography and movements of the human body

When you are considering a patent for your invention, consider what it is and how it can be illustrated or shown to work. You will want to remember that there are three different types of patents; design patents, utility patents and plant patents. To decide which category your patent falls into you will need to look at what the invention does.

Utility Patent: This must be a process that will produce a concrete, useful and tangible end. This might include a strategy for investing money, a new type of computer software or a process that can be used online. It could be a new piece of machinery or equipment or tool. It could also be a new chemical, detergent, or even a life form that is genetically changed. The utility patent is the most common.

Design Patent: This is fairly self explanatory and includes any type of design that is unique including a design for a new product improvement, the style of a motorcycle or bicycle or any other item as long as the invention or design is not to improve the mechanical function of the device or item.

Plant Patent: According to the U.S Patent and Trademark Office, a plant patent is a patent that can be held on a new variety of an asexually reproducing plant. This can be difficult to prove and is the least commonly held patent.

Getting protection from the government for something that you feel is new and could be useful is a great idea. Just take the time to be sure that you have an item you can patent before you fill out the application. The patent application process might seem overwhelming, but is well worth the effort. You can find a great deal of help online to get your patent application finished and filed. Make sure you protect your next great invention. Visit for more information.